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Springhurst Home Sales Report: 3Q 2017

Photo of home in Springhurst - Springhurst Home Sales Report

Large, two-story brick Traditional homes are far and away the most popular homes in Louisville’s Springhurst neighborhood.

We have a new record! Back in the start of 2010, I started tracking Springhurst real estate by looking at the number of homes that sold for each quarter. I also averaged the sales prices of those homes. This gives us a regular look at how this neighborhood is performing four times per year.

Well, wait until you see this quarter’s graphic. It’s literally off the chart!

Charts of Springhurst real estate report

More homes sold in Springhurst this 3rd Quarter than any I’ve tracked… ever.

Springhurst Home Sales

Back in 3Q 2016, we saw 12 homes exchange hands in Springhurst neighborhood of Louisville. Not bad, but not great either.  Fast forward one year and there were 21 transactions during 3Q 2017!

This sets the new record for most homes sold in a quarter. Outstanding! I’ve always known that Springhurst was a desirable neighborhood and these stats really back that up.

Springhurst Home Values

The average sales price in the Springhurst neighborhood was $350,648 during 3Q 2017. This is a 5.8% decrease from the same period last year.

Always remember, this report is only for homes that have sold, not ones pending or any canceled listings. When homeowners don’t sell their properties, this report doesn’t consider them as part of this calculation.

Also, these changes don’t reflect the home values of any Springhurst homes that have not been listed for sale. It’s really just a simple way to get a general feel for what home values in our Springhurst neighborhood are doing.

Here are the values for our most recent quarter:

3Q 2017
Number of Homes Sold: 21
Average Sale Price: $350,648

If you’d like to know the value of your Springhurst home, please contact me. I’m always happy to help!

The average Cumulative Days on Market (cDOM) for this quarter was a super fast 37 days. That’s faster than our city as a whole.


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